Domain Registration

Domain Registration

What’s in a name? Well Everything when it comes to locating your business or personal site on the web. We will help you find the best web address available for your needs and register it for you.

Can you find cheaper domain registrars? Yes! But, when registering a domain with Hanover Hosting we provide less hassle and faster transfers. We manage your domain and make sure that is secure. We do not hold your domain hostage like some of the other providers, after all the name belongs to you!

                                                                                                              Domain Registration     Rates

1-Year 2-Year 5-Year 10-Year Renewal
.COM $20.00 $35.00 $95.00 $190.00 $15.00
.NET $20.00 $35.00 $95.00 $190.00 $15.00
.ORG $20.00 $35.00 $95.00 $190.00 $15.00
.BIZ $20.00 $35.00 $95.00 $190.00 $15.00
.INFO $20.00 $35.00 $95.00 $190.00 $15.00
.US $20.00 $35.00 $95.00 $190.00 $15.00
.NAME $20.00 $35.00 $95.00 $190.00 $15.00
.BZ $40.00 $65.00 $145.00 $285.00 $35.00
.CC $50.00 $95.00 $225.00 $400.00 $45.00

The search domains tool on this page will allow you to find a domain name that you would like to for us to register and manage for you. A domain name is the actual name of your website, e.g. (

Search for a domain name on better-whois. It is the most comprehensive domain search available.

To begin, search for this domain name by typing in the name along with the appropriate domain, such as .com, .biz, .info, .ws (for businesses), .org (for non-profit organizations), .edu (for educational institutions), .net (for networks), .mil (for military) and .gov (for government agencies).

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Search for a domain name.

When you find the domain you would like to register, please go to our order form, we will have your domain registered and your website running with 48 hours.

If you would like us to perform a search and help you choose the perfect name for your website, please send your request to or give us a call at (804) 412-1990.

We look forward to working with you!