Business Services

Business Services


Take a look at some of our non-web specific services. We know the importance of putting together a marketing plan with many different types of media that stay within in the same scheme so that potential customers and/or clients will recognize your every effort. This is why we have expanded our services to include the following, to ensure that your marketing efforts are consistent for a successful campaign.

  • Logo Creation
    We have created many professional logos and other graphics. Take a look at      our graphic design portfolio      to see some examples of our work.
  • Business Cards
    Whether you are looking for a standard, yet professional card or one that      is really creative, we would be happy to help!
  • Email Marketing
    Hanover Hosting, LLC. has a partnership with Constant Contact, which is a      leader in the html formatted email marketing system industry. We offer the      creation and implementation of your emails through this services. Click here for      more information.
  • Brochures
    Most websites serve as an electronic brochure for your business, so that      people can gain information and interest in what you provide. We can help      you turn your website into a brochure that you can use for your business      in the same way.
  • Print & Promotional
    Flyers, Post Cards, Billboards, Banners, Newspaper Ads, Pens, Cups, etc.      If you would like help creating print or promotional media, we can help!

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